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Serena Beauty Care Story


My Italian friends call me Serena which in Lithuania is Giedre and this is where I am originally  from. I have been living in the UK since 2009 with my loved ones. 


My journey into the entrepreneurial world started 10 years ago. It happened to try so many varieties of things that I can say “You name it, I’ve done it”. I have spent years in search of finding myself which left me feeling down and disappointed. But as I says “Nothing happens without reason. I needed to burn and rise like a Phoenix to start all over again.”


Today I can proudly say that I have made it, I am a business owner with a vision for a big future. Thanks to a book that a good friend of mine gave me, and the universe who one night answered her question “What should I do?”.


In summer 2019 I launched my beauty brand called SERENA BEAUTY CARE. Serena means - clears, calm and peaceful and it represents me as a person and my products. Serena beauty care are dedicated to organic, natural and free-from beauty products, where consumers can be confident that each products ingredients have been researched for optimum results and produced with passion and dedication. 




How was Serena Beauty Care  born?




The process was long and hard. 10 years ago, before my first son was born I started looking for ideas on what to do. I tried so many things over these years, from nail technician to bespoke cake baking, jewellery making to florist. I quit each of these businesses after only a few months or years because it was not suiting the vision that I had in my head.


Late autumn in 2018 I started feeling depressed and down because my eldest son turned 10 which made me realise that I had done nothing over those years. I spent money on trying to start something and I am still without a business that I dreamed of. So I stopped chasing it, I stopped thinking about it and even had the desire to run from it. I started doubting myself, maybe I am not good enough, maybe I need to get a job and that’s it.


A good friend of mine at that time gave me a book which says, “ask the universe and the universe will tell you” and this is what I did. The same night I woke up and ‘boom’ I had “the idea”. This idea led me to start researching the organic hair care market that after all made me get a diploma in organic hair care formulation and today we have SERENA BEAUTY CARE - natural and organic beauty care products.



 A few words from me to you:



Never stop dreaming, believe in yourself, and put in as much effort as you can because dreams come true when you really want it and I am proof of it.


Giedre Dromantaite

Founder and Owner 

Serena Beauty Care

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